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The following Committees exist in the College:

Education, Examinations and Continuing Professional Development Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To elaborate, implement and conduct the Continuing Medical Education Program in Poland.
  • To launch the Leonardo EURACT courses in Poland: European training for family medicine teachers.
  • To prepare educational programs for the Lekarz Rodzinny ("Family Physician"), , training sessions, conferences and other meetings of the College.

Membership and Accreditation Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To disseminate the knowledge on quality management in the family doctors' practices.
  • To prepare external accreditation inspections.
  • To represent family doctors in the Accreditation Council.
  • To participate in drawing up the quality standards of primary health care.
  • To update, elaborate and supervise the quality standard implementation.

Publications and Teaching Aids Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To review teaching materials.
  • To participate the in development of teaching materials to be published by the College.

Economic Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To elaborate the strategy of funding the College's works.
  • To raise funds for the College's statutory activities.

General Practice Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To attend the negotiations concerning the family doctors' contracting standards.
  • To issue opinions on the bills concerning general practice.
  • To solve organization problems in general practice.

Prevention and Health Promotion Standing Committee

Committee's tasks:

  • To support the family physicians role in disease prevention and health promotion.
  • To co-operate with the government, local governments and payers in the health care system.
  • To assess the data relating to disease prevention and health promotion.
  • To provide relevant educational activities.
  • To implement European and global preventive and promotional activities related to individual and public health.