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"Family doctors’ role in providing non-drug interventions (NDIs) for common mental health disorders in primary care" is a new resource produced by the WONCA Working Party on Mental Health, chaired by Prof Chris Dowrick. It was launched at the WONCA Asia Pacific Region Conference this week.

Non-drug interventions for common mental health problems can take a variety of forms ranging from supportive and empathic clinical interpersonal communication techniques and low intensity psychosocial interventions that can be delivered by any family doctor, to more intensive psychological therapies provided by trained therapists. The aim of this guidance paper is to help raise awareness of the role of non-drug interventions (NDIs) in managing common mental health disorders, and to encourage family doctors to incorporate these evidence-based treatments into their routine practice. Our WONCA Working Party have drawn together evidence from the literature to make recommendations on how to promote the use of NDIs with a focus on the training needs of family doctors and recommendations on service delivery models relevant to primary care.